He Avoids Public Displays of Affection

A man who’s interested in you, a man who’s proud to be with you, wants to convince others that you're with him. As such, he will have no problem with public displays of affection, because he doesn’t want you to appear single.


Public displays of affectionate don’t have to be loud and in your face. Some men just aren’t comfortable with things like passionate kissing or lengthy hugs when out in public. But if he’s not willing to occasionally kiss you softly on the cheek, let you rest your head on his shoulder, or even hold your hand, it’s a huge red flag. He doesn’t want anyone to even remotely mistake you for his girlfriend. The best indicator is when he becomes more apprehensive in places he frequents, such as his favorite bar or restaurant, or the nearest mall to his home. This is because there are some men who don’t mind PDAs so long as there’s no chance of running into someone they know.


So, don't entertain someone who wants to get his in private but is hell-bent on treating you like his cousin in public or some annoying friend that won’t stop following him around.

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