He's Too Busy to Text or Call Occasionally

Wait, what’s that? His excuse is that he’s “too busy” to text or call you occasionally (meaning at least a few times a day). If that’s true, then that means he is not texting or calling others (family, friends, etc.) occasionally as well, so he is indeed too busy. Probably working 25 hours every day, Monday through Monday, with no lunch breaks, no bathroom breaks, no time to even look at what time it is. That's one busy man. If he is indeed this busy, ask yourself, is this the type of man you want to be with? Someone who doesn't have the time to invest in you.


But the reality is, no one is that busy. People make time for those who they want to make time for. My bet is that he has time and is texting or calling others occasionally, which then only means you're not a priority to him, since he can make time for others but not you.


You know, it's totally normal to have a busy schedule. However, if it means your guy can never make time to take you out on a real date but can always make time for some catching-up between the sheets, then he's not busy -- he just wants to get busy.


Remember, if he rarely calls or texts, it's because you are not on his mind. “I was too busy” or “I forgot” really means “I’m an asshole.” Asshole is just another word for the guy you’re dating. You deserve a freaking text! … and some tacos.


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