"I'm Not Looking For a Serious Relationship Right Now."


Sadly, many women have been in this situation. You've been dating a guy for a while. You've been having a good time, going out, even hooking up, and not just late-night booty calls. You might even have a toothbrush at his place. Yet, because you've been enjoying each other so much, you've hadn't had the infamous, "What are we?" talk. So, you finally have the talk. Well, it's really you just asking him, and he hits you with the old, "I'm not ready for a serious relationship right now" line.


​He's not ready for a serious relationship. WTF does that mean? Especially after you've been giving him boyfriend privileges. Did you screw up somewhere? Should you have waited? What does this really mean? Well, here's basically what you need to know:


​If a guy says he is not ready for a relationship, it’s likely one of two reasons:


​1. He’s genuinely not ready for a serious relationship. He’s not ready for the engagement, marriage, the white picket fence, future children, etc. Not everyone wants to be exclusive, to have only one partner. He wants to enjoy more of his single life: The flirting, the casual sex, going out with different people, not having to explain anything to anyone about what they are doing, etc. He’s just not ready.



2. He’s ready for a serious relationship, but not a serious relationship with YOU. Sadly, he’s likely keeping you around until he finds a girl he truly envisions spending the rest of his life with. You're transient in his life.


My advice: MOVE ON. Move on and look for someone who wants what you want and wants only you. Don’t try and change this guy. If by some small chance, he later realizes he really wants a future with you, let him do the chasing. Don’t be like a stamp collection to him, placed away on a shelf until there is nothing else to do.


​You see, what happens often is that a woman will meet a good man who says he’s not looking for anything serious, yet the woman foolishly dates and tries to change him because he possesses certain qualities she really wants in a man. She waits and waits and waits because she believes she will never find another good man like him. Sadly, in almost every single one of these cases, either the woman gets tired of waiting and moves on, discovers that the man she wants so bad has been seeing other woman, or he kicks her to the curb because he has become serious with someone else. Don’t be like these women. You have a better chance of getting stuck by lighting than getting a man who is not ready to be serious with you to get serious with you.

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