1. Select your payment amount
Select the monthly or 6-month subscription. You can pay as little as $2.50 a month if you select to pay for the 6-month subscription, or you can pay $3 every month.

2. Select your payment method
Click on the Credit Card or Paypal button to pay and insert the requested information.

3. That’s it!
After paying, your account is created automatically using your email address, and you’ll be logged in straight away.


Q: Which payment methods and credit cards do you accept?
A: You can pay by credit card and PayPal. The following credit cards are accepted: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Q: Is my payment secure?

A: Yes, we take your security very seriously. The signup page (and the entire site) is encrypted with 128-bit SSL, meaning that any information you submit is secure.

None of your payment information ever touches our servers nor do we ever even see it. It is all handled through Wix. If you pay by PayPal, the payment is handled entirely by PayPal.

Q: Is this a recurring subscription?

A: Yes, if you select the $3 monthly subscription, which you will be billed for each month. The 6-month subscription is a one-time payment that doesn't renew.


Q: What happens if I change my mind and decide you suck and I no longer want to support you?
A: If you selected the $3 monthly subscription, you can cancel at any time by simply emailing me. And if you cancel you will still have full access to all premium content for the entire paid-for period.

Q: What will the money be used for?

A: Since I just started, most of the money will be used to buy delicious tacos. I work best when I'm fed delicious tacos. And, hopefully someday I'll have enough awesome taco-loving subscribers that I'll be able to quit my day job and do this full-time, allowing me to provide even better content.

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