4 Facebook Signs Your Partner Might be Cheating

Facebook signs your partner (of at least a few months) might be cheating:

- You're not even friends, yet your partner is friends with many others (even people who are just acquaintances). You can share a bed and swap DNA, but you can’t be their friend? That shit makes no sense.

- You're friends on Facebook, but you can't see anything they post (if you mean so much to them, why hide so many things from you. It just creates unnecessary doubt).

- You're like waldo on their page, yet your partner has many pics of friends. Isn’t a serious partner supposed to be more important than many of your friends?

- They have a non-celebrity crush (that is, they frequently like their photos, comment on their photos, give them compliments, offer to do stuff for them, etc.) Even worse if your partner doesn't do any of that on your page.

Note, this behavior is consistent with cheating, but not necessarily indicative. Meaning if they do any of the above, it doesn't necessarily mean they are cheating; however, it should be cause for concern because it's still some shady shit. And many times, if it isn’t because they are cheating, it is because they are embarrassed of you.

Remember, the right person doesn’t often give you a reason to be suspicious.


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