4 Signs Of A Toxic Person

Signs of a toxic person:


“I’m taking zero responsibility for why my relationships with others fail. It’s always the other person’s fault. I always try to make the relationship better, but they always seem to make it worse. They should have listened to me. It’s never me, ever!


"I know I texted you that I’ll be home at 10, but stuff came up and I’m here now. I probably meant to text you 11 but pressed the wrong key. Anyways, I’m only an hour and a half late. You’re seriously overreacting and acting crazy. I’m not listening to your crap again tonight. I came home, didn’t I?"


“I think my ex cheating on me in the past so I’m going to need to check your phone and social media accounts every now and then to make sure you’re not cheating on me. You have nothing to hide anyways, right? Also, if someone hits on you or I see you talking to someone of the opposite sex, you need to delete them right away. They obviously don’t respect our relationship.”


“I know I told you I’ll have it done by now but something more important came up. Someone more important just always seems to come up. I can’t help it. And frankly I don’t really feel bad about it because those things are more important to me and my time is more important than yours. These are not poor excuses; these are good reasons. Shut up and stop complaining!"

If you find yourself dating a toxic person, you need to do your best to get out. Run!

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