A Good Woman Does Not Do This Specific Thing.

Updated: May 20

So there are many guys with good women out there. Some good men, some shitty men.

Whenever the shitty guys do something shady or something bad and their girl catches them, she typically tells them something or gets after them.

What's their typical response? "Oh, you're overreacting," or "All you're doing is tripping." That's a common one.

Here's the thing though: A good woman... Not a gold digger or some garden tool, but a good woman. A good woman does not "trip." She just cares about what you're doing.

When she's upset or "pissed," it's because you let her down. She thought better of you.

When she starts to react less or let's crap you did "slide," it's because she's starting to give up.

And when she no longer does any of the above, it's because she has run out of energy, she's on empty, she's lost hope. She has accepted the fact that you're just a waste of time and it's time to move on. And from that day, you've lost her forever.


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