A Man Cannot Be "Stolen."

Updated: Apr 12

If a man cheated on you and then later left you for another woman, he was not stolen. He left freely. He left willingly. Unless she tied him up, duct taped his mouth, and hauled him off to her basement, he was not stolen. Well, actually it would be kidnapping, because that man is not your property.

But, anywho, if this happened to you, try not to dwell on what you might have done wrong. So many women blame themselves when they really shouldn't. If you were treating him right and he still left, then don't blame yourself. Nothing would have stopped him from leaving, because even if he didn't leave now, he would have left later. It was only a matter of time. It's better that you realize what kind of person his is now rather than later.

So, if you were in a relationship with a man and that man left you for another woman, then she didn't "steal" your man, she took a TON of future problems and stress off her your hands and saved you from constant infidelity, lies, and disrespect.


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