Attitude Of A Confident Woman

Here's something many men need to understand about confident women.

A confident woman, an independent woman, a woman who is not desperate to be in a relationship with a man, would rather miss out on the opportunity to be with a guy she likes than actually have to lead him.

It may sound a bit strange, but it's definitely true. Just because a confident woman likes you doesn't mean she's going to pursue you. She doesn't like being in a position in which she has to act like the guy. She prefers that you ask her out, that you make plans, that you lead her.

Although many things have changed over time in this crazy world, one thing that has not change is that women still want to be courted. Women still want a take charge man. Women want to see your confidence. If you expect for a woman to behave like a guy, that's just going to be a huge turn off for her. She's not going to do it.

This is especially true in the beginning. Even if you know that a woman is into you, if you don't do anything about it, if you don't act like a man and pursue her, then you're going to lose her.

Now, over time as you date and then commit to each other, she'll be the one to occasionally make plans or offer to go out. But not in the beginning.


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