Can A Relationship Work After Being Cheated On?

Did you find out your partner cheated on you and yet you are considering giving them another chance? If you are, you first need to really consider whether your partner is worth it, whether the relationship is worth salvaging.

If you were to take out the act of cheating from your relationship, how was the relationship? How did your partner treat you? Were you happy with him or her? I ask this because if you decide to try to save your relationship, you need to realize that the relationship is going to be worse than what it was before you discovered the cheating.

If you weren’t truly happy with your partner, if there were already other issues, then it’s going to be nearly impossible for it to work. However, if you truly were happy, then there’s a chance, although slim.

Second, you need to talk with your partner and find out what truly motivated him or her to cheat. Was it an esteem issue, lack of love, neglect on your part, wanting variety, anger, or something else? What was the reason, what pushed your partner to cheat? This is very important.

I say this because the truth is, and you might not like my saying this, but if you caught your partner cheating on you and you didn’t contribute to the reason for their cheating (meaning, you didn't neglect, abuse, or cheat on him or her) then it's pretty much certain that your partner is just going to cheat on you again. It's only a matter of time.

Don't believe the "I regret it" BS because the fact is, they still would be cheating if they hadn't got caught. All they regret is that they got caught. That's it. And they feed you a bunch of these lies, promise you to never do it again, because they want things to go back to the way they were. The fact is, it's extremely, EXTREMELY rare for a person to never cheat again on the same partner if that person was being treated right by the partner. Now, if it was something...continue reading


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