"Do I Have To Allow My Kids Around My Ex's Home-Wrecking Girlfriend?"

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“How does a man jump from one relationship to the next? Six years and three kids and apparently loved me. The same day we broke up is the same day he started his new relationship and they recently made it “Facebook official.”

I’m so hurt because people I thought were on our time were really only on his team. But my first question is, how long before I allow for our kids to meet his home-wrecking girlfriend? I really don’t even like her. Do I have to let them around her at all? Do you think he will regret leaving us at all?

I mean I did everything for this man and have never given him a reason to not trust me or any reason to leave me. He thinks the grass is greener on the other side and I wish to do everything in my power to make him hurt and miss us. I just want him to miss us. Any suggestions?”

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Cheryl Yancy“ I did everything for this man” Alright sis, that’s the problem right there.

But here’s what you do. Tell God thank you cause he isn’t worth keeping. Next, Mind your business. It helps you keep your emotions intact. Get Closer to God & work on you . Meaning work on cleansing and healing OLD wounds. Day by day you’ll see yourself emerging into a better you for you and your kids.

Kimberly Anderson Fleming He's the home wrecker, not the gf. We tend to blame the other woman but it's the man who let's them in. I know it hurts but don't seek revenge. Just take it day by day and focus on raising the kids. Always remember what goes around, comes around.

Tiffany HazardSeveral things... he let her in the home, he was in the relationship, that makes him the home wrecker, not her. She should have been able to try all day, only he is the one that opens that door and makes room. Next, children are not pawns. You do not get a say in who he has them around, unless like the others mentioned, it is a safety concern. A good mother/parent does not use her children for revenge!

Larinda Sims The best revenge is no revenge !!!! Level up and get closer to GOD! That's a TOXIC situation!! They will lose

Stephanie Lynn The best advice I can give you is to do the complete opposite of making him miss you. Get your shit together (if it’s not already) and move on. Him seeing you move on and bettering your life is revenge enough

Ashley Jordan All yall talking about dont blame the other woman have been or probably are a bunch of side chicks. I dont care how much he lies or sugar coats a damn thing there are so many warning signs that a man is in a relationship or married. Most of the women these days dont care about the wife or kids at home, but trust and believe, how you get them is how they will leave you in those kind of situations. It takes 2 to tango and shes just as guilty as he is. You have every right to be angry and every right to be upset. When you draw up custody papers put a clause in there stating that no one can spend the night or live in his home until they are married while your children are present. That helps to cut down on the kids meeting every chick he decides to sleep with. But I know its hard but the best revenge is acting like it doesnt bother you. Never let him see you sweat. He wants you to act out of character. Kill them with kindness & i promise you karma will do its job on the both of them!!!

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