Don't Be Her

NEVER be the girl that still texts the guy even when he hasn't replied for hours, especially days; the girl who watches the guy give attention to others but her; the girl who just sits at home alone thinking if the guy is even thinking about her; the girl who makes herself available whenever he wants to see her; the girl who makes the guy her top priority while he treats her like an option.

Don't be that girl, because if the guy really wanted to spend time with you, wanted to talk to you, wanted a future with you, he would show it. You would know it. You wouldn't have to wonder if he even cares. Don't be that girl. Don't be someone's option. Because you will never be his priority, you will never have his respect, you will never, ever have his loyalty. You deserve much more than just being someone's "Whenever I have time, spare time, or just a good time."


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