"Guy I'm Dating Still Texts His Ex-Wife. They Have No Kids Together."

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"I’ve been dating a guy for a little over a month now. He just recently got divorced in December. He and his ex still text all the time even now that we’re dating. They were married 9 years, no kids and now live in different states. Should I be jealous or upset about this? I’ve had bad experiences with this issue in past relationships and so it just has a bad taste in my mouth."

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Tim Powers He should have no ties with her for any reason at this point. No kids, divorced, and they live in different states. Sounds like recipe for you to get your heart broke. You need to put your foot down

Rosa M Garcia If it's that recent (the divorce) then he shouldn't even be in another relationship. He hasnt even processed his emotions over it yet it seems an if they're still in contact then obviously neither one of them is over each other. You been talking for a month, do yourself a favor and let his ass go, to figure out what an who he really wants. Dont waste your time being second to an "ex wife"

Simone Naker What possible reason would he have to still talk to his ex with no kids and a finalized divorce 🤦🏾‍♀️ they're still emotionally connected which means that leaves no room for you. Someone is still in the spot you want. Sorry 😔

Shulyta Martinez Why would be in so much communication after a divorce?! 🤔 Do they have properties/real estate/ anything in each others name? Otherwise there shouldnt be no communication like that.

Natasha Melton They aren't over each other yet and he shouldn't have gotten with you. End things with him.

Karie L. Keener Your gut instinct is usually the correct one.

Sabrina Ann Heffron I'm gonna tell you this...in my opinion it's not okay...they decided to split then they both should have some respect for you...there's no kids and if there were that's legit all they would need to be talking about...unless he discussed upfront that him and his ex are best friends and you agreed to still be with him then he needs to stop...people can call me insecure all day long I don't care...it is not okay to continuously text and contact someone you've slept with and have enough history with to marry...one or both still have feelings to keep talking... Communicate to him you got an issue...there's no kids so there's nothing for you to try to understand or be supportive of...we all know he wouldnt like you contacting your exes so why should you have to put up with him giving his ex all his time when you're right in front of him trying to live a life with him... You're the tester, unfortunately you'll be the lesson or blessing...I'm gonna assume you're his first relationship since divorce...dont be afraid to let him know that's not okay...and let him give you all the excuses he wants, you're not wrong for having an issue with it...its totally possible to rekindle old flames and you shouldnt be in the middle of someone's confusion or whatever you wanna call being stuck on your ex 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

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