"How I left a toxic relationship." (2)

"I would like to share my story. I was only 18 years old and quickly foolishly fell “in love.” After only one month of dating he slapped me. He promised he wouldn’t do it again so I stayed. But he did it again and again. He called me terrible names and it just got worse. He would pull my hair and choke me. He became possessive and wanted to look through my phone all the time, even though I gave him no reason to think I was doing something wrong. He cheated on me and gave me an STI. He knew how to get in my head and brainwash me. He convinced me to hand over my paychecks so he can pay his bills but in reality he was buying drugs. One day he choked me and smashed my head against the wall.

I left him right before Valentine's Day. He told me he was going to kill himself because he wanted to be with me on Valentine's Day. He called me and cried. He begged and begged me to take him back. He even got on his knees and asked me for forgiveness. He took it even further and cut himself and sent me pictures of it. He had cut my name and engraved it in his skin. Then after, he bought me flowers, chocolates, and a teddy bear and he promised again to never ever hit me. All lies, of course. Two days later he nearly killed me. I was bruised and I had a raspy voice from being choked nearly to death. My hair was falling out and I had bumps on my head from being smashed in the wall. I had bruises on my arms and face.

I finally found the courage to leave him for good. I have had enough. It took everything I had, but I did it. Shortly, I filed for a restraining order and took him to court. Of course, he only got 9 months probation. A slap on the wrist. During all this time I took care of him. I made him food, cleaned his house, and as silly as this sounds I bought his gas and even pumped it for him. I gave him my paychecks. I wanted to go to school but I used all my money on him. He brainwashed me into thinking that I shouldn't go to college, and I was his shoulder to lean on anytime he needed me. Till this day it hurts me what I went through. But I wake up grateful that I’m no longer in that place. Three years later I have a good job still, and I’m going to school part-time, and finding love within myself."


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