How To Ask Your Boyfriend If He's Cheating On You

"How do I ask my boyfriend if he's cheating on me? My boyfriend has been acting really shady lately. I can't get a hold of him a lot. Sometimes he'll disappear for an entire day. He always has his phone face down and on silent. He takes it everywhere with him, especially to the restroom where he spends up to 30 minutes there sometimes. On his Facebook, he doesn't even post pictures of us anymore. I want to confront him about this but not sure how."

Well, asking him straight up if he's cheating is only going to get him to deny it. If I were you, I would just dump him. Disappearing for 24 hours at a time is not something I would tolerate.

But, if you really want to try to salvage your relationship no matter how slim the chances, you need to talk to him. Tell him you're concerned about his behavior. Don't mention that he's cheating. Tell him, "Baby, you've been acting really different lately, is something wrong?" Something along those lines. Of course, if he asks, "How so?" mention the specific things he's doing that's making you think something is wrong. Again, don't mention you think he's cheating, because he'll just accuse you of not trusting him.

If he gives you a crappy excuse or says he hasn't been acting different, then it's highly likely he's cheating. If it continues, I would seriously consider just ending it, because only one of three things will happen:

1. He's going to continue to act shady and all that's going to do is make you worry even more. You will never have any peace of mind which will just cause you to be miserable.

2. He's going to continue to act shady and then a day will come that he just leaves you for someone else.

3. He's going to continue to act shady until he really slips up and you catch him cheating.

The only good solution to any of these is to leave him. And it's better to leave him earlier than later since you'll just be wasting more of your time.

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