"I Feel Like I Deserve Better In Life"

Updated: Apr 10

If you’ve been generally good to others throughout your life, then you deserve goodness in your life. Unfortunately, life is not fair, so you will be hurt by things and people throughout your life that are beyond your control.

But one thing you do control, one thing you do have power over, is who you choose as a partner, especially a life partner. So, do yourself a favor: Ask yourself every few days, or at least once a week, “Do I deserve how I am being treated by my partner? Do I deserve this?”

If your honest answer is “no,” and your partner has shown no real indication of changing for the long-term, then you deserve someone else, you deserve someone better. And I understand leaving someone is extremely hard to do when you have already formed this huge emotional attachment, when you have already invested so much.

But you must realize that the more you keep investing, the more you keep sacrificing, the more of your life you’ll be wasting. All for just some fantasy.

Don’t allow the time you have wasted investing and your emotions to chain you down to a life of misery or even mediocrity when you have the power to change it, for if not one day you will look back with so much regret and ask, “How could I have wasted the past 10-, 20-, 30 years of my life?”

And yes, if you really love that person, it’s going to hurt like hell right after. But I promise you. It may take a long time but eventually the pain will subside. Eventually the person you loved so much is no longer going to be the first thing you think about in the morning, or the last thing you think about at night; and sooner or later, days will go by without you thinking about them at all.

And after you moved on, after all the sleepless nights, after all the tears are gone, you will, in time, fall in love with someone else.

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