If You Have A Good Woman, Marry Her Or Let Her Go

It's one thing if she doesn't mind forgoing marriage, if marriage is not a deal breaker for her. But if you’ve got a good woman whose dream is to someday marry the man she loves, and you’ve been together for a good while now, then you need to plan on marrying her. If you don’t want to and think you’ll never want to, then it’s best that you tell her the truth and let her go. Don’t be an asshole and string her along for your own benefit. She deserves not to be lied to. She deserves honesty. She deserves happiness.

And just in case you don’t know if you’ve got a good woman, below are some traits of one.

She is a woman and not a girl.

What I mean by this is that she doesn’t play games. There’s no guessing with her. She knows what she wants and makes you aware of it.

She is honest and genuine.

She tells you the truth and doesn’t give you reasons to be suspicious of her behavior. She doesn’t come home late with poor excuses. She doesn’t hide her phone from you as if it's radioactive. She doesn’t go MIA. She doesn’t feed you a bunch of lies and expects you to believe them because she sees you as someone who is completely gullible and inferior. She doesn’t do any of these shady things. Why? Because not only does she know how important it is to have peace of mind in a relationship, your happiness is important to her own.

She never acts like she’s above others.

She is not impressed by money or ostentation. She doesn’t talk about herself excessively or try to inflate her status or self-worth. Rather, she does what she can to support or uplift others who need encouragement.

She is consistent.

How she treated you in the beginning is how she’s treating you now. She’s considerate, caring, affectionate. Sure, she may have her bad days like everyone else, when she doesn’t really want to do anything or talk much to anyone. But not only are they few and far between, on those days she still communicates with you. Oftentimes, she just wants you to listen and tells you so. She doesn’t expect you to read her mind.

She pushes you to be better.

If you have goals, aspirations for something bigger and better, she pushes you to achieve them. She does this by lessening the stress in your life. In whatever way she can help, she’s willing to do it.

She doesn’t smother you.

She loves to have your time and attention a lot. Yet, she knows that you need your space. She knows she doesn’t have to spend every waking moment hanging onto your arm and telling you to talk with her. She needs her space too and she has no problem giving you your own.

She’s present, always.

Many can want you, value you, treasure you on sunny days. It is on those rainy days that determine whether she really loves you and wants a future with you. Those days your pockets are dry. Those days you’re struggling financially, emotionally, or mentally. She’s there for you, and if needed, she has the capacity and the intention to make personal sacrifices on your behalf. If she’s still around on those rainy days and has all those other traits listed, then you’ve truly got yourself a good woman.


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