"Is A Friend's Ex Off-Limits?"

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"What's your take on a girl flirting with her friend's ex? An ex that she dumped. My friend's ex friend requested me the other day and we started to talk and flirt for a bit. They been broken up for over 3 months and she has no feelings for him. Would it be wrong of me to try and pursue something with him?"

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Kayla Compo 3 months, I'd probably give it more time. But also why did they break up? I'm dating my best friends ex. But they had been split up for 3 years prior to me getting with him and I've known him since I was 5 years old. And the first time he even messaged me "hey" I instantly was at her house talking to her about it to make sure she was okay with me even replying to his messages. Some exs are off limits (if they cheat, break your best friends heart, etc). But theres some that just didnt work out and it was mutual. But rule one, always talk to your friend BEFORE even messaging back.

Kendall Petty Idk about you but my girlfriends ex’s are my ex’s too, sorry she don’t like you - I don’t like you and I certainly won’t date you 😂 nor would I put her in an awkward spot by doing something like that. There is billions of people in the world find someone else

Meaghan Rochelle This shouldn’t even be a question. If she’s your real friend you don’t do shit like that. You wouldn’t even consider it if she really was a good friend. I guess some people were just raised with different values though...?

Natalie Roffers Ehhh, I'm with my old friends ex (Shes not my friend anymore because of it ). And he is the greatest person to ever enter my life. We are 100% compatible and the fact that she didnt want us to be together even though they were split for 5 years is just ridiculous. Follow your heart and say fuck the haters.

Ellie Carroll If it's a close friend...I probably know too much and I am probably on her side. But if it is an acquaintance. That I seldom see. Yes. Why not. Unless I know that she's crazy. But 3 months...too close to rebound.

Cassandra D Happyb I think it depends... some relationships as teens, or young adults were just that, kid's stuff. We are all adults now & you should let your friend know, and many times it will be "girl go ahead!". If they were serious, married, kids... probably not good.

Shelly Brant Absolutely! Off limits! Why in the hell would you want to be with someone that was with your friend, that is definitely a no go matter of fact if he has dated any of my family,friends or co worker's it is a DEFINITE NO GO!!

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