"Is It Normal To Be Turned Off Because Of How Your Partner's Ex Looked?"

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"Is it normal to be turned off by the person you are dating because of how their ex looked from their previous relationship before you?

I am dating this guy and I met his ex wife. She had bad hygiene and I was really turned off by the guy I am dating because of that. I hope I am not being a weirdo just bothered me."

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Lisa Yseult You sound emotionally unavailable. To be turned off by something like that, it would seem you're looking for a reason to dip.

Brandie Potts I might wonder what he saw in her but I got some questionable exes myself that I wonder what I was thinking...but I seriously look at it like wow babe you def upgraded with me 😂 who wants the ex being hotter than themselves anyways!? 🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤪

Tere Juarez The question here is.... are you dating the guy or his ex? 😂

Samantha Ford Yep weird. Maybe she looked better when they were together an she has since let herself go. Maybe she started letting herself go during the relationship an that's why he moved up with you. Think of it better that you know he won't go back because he knows what he has now. If you judge him for his past choices then your petty an HE deserves better.

Julie Marie Scott Maybe thats why he left? Maybe she wasnt like that when they were together? I dated a dude who was pretty normal back in my early 20s...now hes like 500 pounds and unhealthy as fuck...he wasnt like that back then tho...my one friend was with her husband for 13 years ..she used to shower daily and brush her teeth. .now in her late 30s shes lost all her teeth and only showers like 2 times a month (should a guy not date me because a friend of mine has poor hygiene?) If you let that shit effect a happy relationship then you are the one with problems not him

Katie Layne No, if the guy I'm seeing had a really nasty looking ex it makes me feel turned off that he would be attracted to that. It sounds awful, but I'm just being honest

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