Keep Moving Forward

Life is unpredictable. Some days great things come to an end. Some days your heart hurts from losing something or someone you love. Some days you don't feel like yourself emotionally or mentally. Sometimes jobs or situations don't work out. Sometimes you make mistakes. Sometimes you trust the wrong people. Sometimes you fight for the wrong things.

But, no matter how bad things gets, you need to try to be strong and keep moving forward. Focus on the present. Let go of past mistakes. Learn from them. Do not allow regret to live inside you. Moving forward doesn't mean you are forgetting about your past. It means you are trusting in your future. It means you aren't letting your past consume you. It means no longer putting your life on hold because there are better things in the future to hold onto. It's leaving what you lost so you can focus on what needs to be found.

Focus on the present so you can better your future. Because as long as you hold onto the past with one hand and grab at the future with the other, you have nothing with which to grasp today. So, use today and every day to keep moving forward.


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