"My Boyfriend Deletes Any Picture Of Us, Sometimes Even Untags Himself."

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"The guy I’m dating and I met in 2013. We started dating after 2015. He has yet to put a picture of us on his Facebook. He claims he doesn’t like people in his business. He already presented me to his mom, and I go around his family all the time. He even asked me to move in to his house.

Maybe I’m over thinking this whole social media thing. But, before meeting his mom, and him asking me to move in, he would delete any picture of us and or untag himself. Even now, when I post on his page, It’s on the option where ONLY I CAN SEE IT. He has his status as in a relationship, but just not with me. What do you think?"

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Melissa Patterson When I was married I never posted my spouse or tagged him...it just wasn’t what I did as I’m a very private person. On the other hand your guy could be keeping you off his social media to protect someone else’s feelings or maybe you two aren’t as exclusive as you may think...tbh Some men will bring different women around their friends and family...and no one would ever say a word.

Lacy Hunter My guy and i are not public on social media. Weve been together 3 yrs...we dont need to flaunt it on fb to be REAL. IT actually caused more drama between us than it was worth so we unfriended each other. And everything is fine. Hes not hiding another woman. Hes not scared to say im his... We just like it this way. Social media is the death of many relationships. Were very private. And no that doesnt mean hiding.

Bridget Folk Look I hate ppl who say social media isn’t that important so they don’t post stuff well then why do they have it at all then, I always feel like those ppl r full of shit

Melanie L Solomon Not the fact that he doesn't post is a red flag, but the fact that he goes out of his way to Untag himself says alot

Kish Kish I'm sick of this non-sense! Stop allowing social media 2 validate your relationship status. 4 Pete's sake, he asked u2 move in. Just chat it, out with him & get some clarity!!!

Jenni Leal I think NOT! I think he is entertaining other females. Red flag!!!

PrinceSs Bella They can claim you and show u to the world and STILL CHEAT on you...you're relationship is not validated by social media. Sounds pretty serious if he's asking you to move in. Only concern on my end is the part of him having the post for you to only you can see it. As for the other things, I understand the privacy.

Moneak Watson It may say he's in a relationship but that's just to please you. When people ask, he just says he hasn't changed it yet or doesn't know how. It's 2019 nobody hides or doesn't show off their mate if they're really in love. Who doesn't share pics of vacations, the kids etc. If you're not using fb for these things then what exactly are you on fb for?! If you think for one second he's not playing games think again!

Jenny Sheldrick Some people like their privacy. It’s not like he’s hiding you. Just let it be. Social media isn’t shit. Real life is. If he’s treating you good and life is happy, then stop obsessing over something so silly that could end your relationship...

Nalyssa Bennett From My Personal experience he had in a relationship but untagged me in it an anything i tagged him in he would delete we was living together an come to find out he was in a relationship with another woman she knew my hours what i drove went on for six months before I actually knew the truth instead of flowing my gut what i am getting at is go with what your gut tells you mine seems to be always right

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