"My Boyfriend Likes Pics Of Other Women But Not Of Mine In Over A Year."

Updated: May 20

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Sherry Lynn My ex husband used to do this. I said something to him about it one day. He said I’m just giving them a confidence boost. I said what about giving your wife one...😥

Samantha Hill I had an issue with this with my ex and it was turned around to me being the problem and being insecure. I'm not insecure but I find it disrespectful to the relationship to show public interest in another woman by liking or loving their photo. Its hurtful. Your feelings are valid. If he cant compromise then he doesnt care to see it from your perspective and expect the same in the future on other topics.

Erica Eckols If your man isn't your biggest fan get a new man!!!

Christina Stouffer You’re man should always be your #1 fan!! I agree if he isn’t then find a new one that will. There’s plenty of men that will cherish the ground you walk on instead of you cherishing someone who doesn’t.

Angela Valdivia Let me guess, if you say something he will reply just like this: “omg you’re so insecured, is not even cute! This is social media, I’m here right next to you, maybe you’re on fb or IG too much! Don’t let social media be an issue in our relationship” and then you will feel bad about even bringing it up! You will start to oversee what he does or doesn’t do on social media and the last thing you know...girl he’s cheating on you. There I said it. (Personal experience)

Kasi WadeMy soon-to-be ex husband did same thing… is bc he was actively prowling… and made sure his "relationship status" was always set to private… if a man isn't giving all his attention to you, you can bet you're not his only interest.😕sorry love!

Jessica Saenz Omg!!!!! I literally just said this to a guy the other day that "hearts" other chicks and his Ex's photos and has never done that to one of mine EVER. I just immediately realized that day that my suspicion that he still loves her, like she claimed DOZENS of times, is clearly accurate. Actions speak. I refuse to be someone's "secret" or "second pick". Not when there are so many dudes willing to make you their number 1.

Emma Martinez I went through the same thing. Pregnant with our second child. Told him about it. Still kept on during and after pregnancy. Hasn't changed. So I decided to walk away from the relationship. Because I deserve to be happy and to be loved. And if he wanted that other road so be it. I'm more happier than ever. Fell in love more than anything with my children.

Michelle Baker Don't worry about what everyone else thinks.some ppl are ruled by the pettiness of social media and everything on it defines them. But if u feel he's spending more time on it instead of focusing on u and your relationship that's a problem. If he nevertells you how gorgeous or wonderful u are and he's always staring at chicks..u can bet he's doing it off social media as well and that is disrespectful and hurtful. If he seems unwilling to change what's hurting u and bothering you..he doesn't care about YOU and your feelings and u should leave him

Amy EdwardsI agree. I've got one like that too. I find it very disrespectful, and it's also very hurtful. I don't think he should be making the comments he does to them either. Those are things to be said to me. Tell me I'm beautiful and sexy for the whole world to see... Not them.... Makes a woman feel bad for no reason.

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