"My Boyfriend's Ex Beat Me Up And He Still Showed Her Our New Apartment."

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"My boyfriend and I share an apartment together with his 6 year old daughter. His baby's mom and I recently had a falling out and she beat the hell out of me. He respects my protective order against her but still let what she did slide and doesn't hold her accountable. I told him I felt uncomfortable that he showed her the new apartment we moved into when she dropped off their daughter.

My question is, should I have a say rather or not she comes into our apartment? We've been together for 2 years. His baby's mom has never respected me and has always shit on me despite how much of the bigger person I am. I've always been respectful and she is spiteful and says I'm not allowed in her apartment or even in the complex to wait in the car when we pick up his daughter."

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Dorothy Jubinville She has no reason to be at your place. For those saying she has a right to see where her child is staying, no. The courts trust the father to care for his child or they wouldn't have given him visitations OR if the courts aren't involved then she obviously trusts him to care for her child. I'd be having a neutral meet place from now on.

Sounds like she's one of 'those' baby mamas who think they can control the father since she carried his child. Ladies there's a difference between a baby mama and the mother of your child. She sounds like a real winner lol. She clearly is jealous you have him now and needs to grow up.

Kristina Joy Barczewski If my man’s baby momma even says anything sideways about me, she’s put in her place. Let alone put her hands on me. She’s never been in our home, after 3 years, and we haven’t been in hers. Those are our places, not each other’s. Boundaries. They’re important. Your man does not respect you or your relationship. It won’t change. Leave girl.

Dominique BassettIf he have a problem with respecting your wish then he may not be the man for you absolutely under any circumstance should she be allowed in you all apartment especially after you and her get physical on top of that you’re not even allowed into her apartment what type of crap is that you may want to rethink your whole relationship it may be more than what he saying they may still have some dealings or feelings are still tied with those two I understand he need to respect his child mother but he also need to respect the woman that’s in his life now.

Mallorie Penson Scott There is no reason she should be at your apartment! Not only that usually the restraining order should keep her from your home even if you aren't there! I had to have a restraining order on someone and they weren't allowed within a certain distance of my home or work regardless if I was there or not.

Sarah Beth He’s completely out of line. Been in a similar situation only to find out later he was cheating on me with her which is why he would never step on her toes for me. Put him in his place or put him out on his ass!

Nacy Engroff Legally she had every right to do a walk through of the apartment that their daughter will be spending time in. But thats as far as that goes. And by respecting your restraining order he isn't "letting it slide". He has a child to raise with her and she could make his life a living hell. Cut him some slack....hes in a very bad position.

Jennifer Anderson You should take a picture of her when she comes over and go to the court and say she violated the order of protection... 10 days in jail each offense.

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