"My Boyfriend Stares At Random Women In Public. He Says That I'm Just Insecure And Not To Complain."

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“I’m divorced and have been dating someone for almost four years. He treats me great when we are together. However, when we are out in public, many times he doesn’t just do a quick glance at women, but rather he will stop and gawk at them to the point I’ll have to hit him over the head or give him a playful punch.

So, I told him I don’t appreciate such disrespect and that it makes me think he’s a player. But he says he does not stare at women, that I’m just insecure is the problem. He says it’s all in my head. I’m fed up! I told him I will not be disrespected like that. Am I making a big deal out of something that isn’t or do I have a right to say something? I’ve never been with a man who gawks at women while with me?"

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Wendy Porterfield Everyone being too relaxed and saying “Let him look!” Or “Look with him”, that’s not right. How do you change your own values just to please a characteristic in another person that is below what you find acceptable? That is not okay. Before you know it you let someone make certain things acceptable to you that you find demeaning

Aimee Lewis Sounds petty but do it right back. See a hot man drop that jaw. If he says anything just remind him he does it so it shouldn't be a problem.

I did this twice to my husband he no longer is disrespectful about looking. Because I get it, he's going to look at a pretty lady's but don't drool or break your neck. If you can, so can I.

Hether Erickson My ex use to do this. I thought he was just trying to get reassurance that I cared about him at first. After some time, I think he was doing it to make me feel lucky that he was with me..so, I taught him what it was like. Watching TV, sports, in public, didn't matter... If there was a guy in my eyesight, I would tell my ex how attractive I found the other man. Example:. Look how beautiful his eyes are. He's got such a nice smile. His ass looks like it was made to hold onto. He's hot. Look at how musceley his arms are.. I went overkill on this.. it took him exactly 7hours before he caught on to what I was doing.. and, to this day (we're still friends). He tells me it was a valuable lesson for him.

Tonya Woodford You've shared with him how you feel if you're important to him he'll stop the behavior. Some people it doesn't bother and others it does but regardless he should respect your feelings.

Porras Rosa If this is making you feel uncomfortable and disrespected and you also had voiced it out but its not being acknowledge then let him go. If he said its all in ur head that means he will not take the measures to fix it.

Belinda Jimenez Tuyub My boyfriend used to do this all the time. Once he knew it made me uncomfortable he started to be conscious of it. He has gotten way better at it. I understand it's nice to appreciate an attractive face or body but theres a point where it is disrespectful. Stand up for yourself. You're doing the right thing. You're not insecure and if you are that's because he gave you reason to be.

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