"My Husband Reconnected With An Old Girl Friend And Now They're Sexting Each Other."

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“I’ve been married for eight years. Not too long ago my husband reconnected with his best friend who happens to be a girl. They used to have sexual intercourse long before me. But the thing is that I recently found some messages where he’s kind of speaking sexual to her.

Now me and her are close as well but she never told me about those messages. She kept them to herself. What should I do? He says it meant nothing and that’s how they play.”

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Nikki Love Girl stop! She ain't your friend she's his friend she ain't going to tell you shit especially if it's going to benefit her. You need to nip that shit in the bud and tell him how it makes you feel and he and you need to distance yourselves from her. If he won't that's your answer he don't gaf and your feelings don't matter. It's your choice what you do after that. Me personally I'm out!! ijs

Amanda Radke i once had a boyfriend who would let his female friends sit on his lap right in front of me. i confronted him about it and he said "that's how our friendship was before and im not going to change that just because ive added you to my life". in my immaturity i thought that sounded reasonable and that my feelings weren't justified. but he was wrong. if a man loves you, his whole world changes and he makes changes to things that make you uncomfortable. he needs to let her go or you need to let them both go.

Melissa Medina I've been the "best friend"... If he's speaking like that to her, they're still involved. Give him an ultimatum. If he won't let her go, it's more than lust.

Lindsey Roberts Nah. That’s “how they play?!” Wtf kind bull shit excuse is that?! It’s disrespectful to you and your relationship. Period. They are both crossing a line. But it also seems she’s not as good a friend as you may think.. I would definitely be uncomfortable if I were you.

Deborah Bodison Bradley She pretending to be your friend and they both playing you.. it's no way I could even consider being friends with a woman that has been intimate with my husband no matter how long ago it was🤦🏽‍♀️

Shulyta Martinez Would he be ok if you have the same convos & txts with a past booty call of urs?

Shulyta Martinez 😂😂😂😂😂 in spanish (PR saying) we call it, NO HAY PEOR CIEGO QUE EL QUE NO QUIERE VER. which means theres no worst blind person who dnt wanna see. Lady...1st, sexual messeges are desire to have the person. 2. In the most minimal opportunity they will take advantage and re-live their sexual encounters. That by him, thats how they play!!!! 3rd, she didnt tell u cuz shes getting her way in to even have some quicky in ur own eyes and u dnt wanna see it. Dnt play dump or stupid. Why u ask opinion if it looks that no matter what anyone else says u still b with him. "Eso se cae de la mata." (Another saying for IT WILL DROP BY ITSELF which means IT IS OBVIOUS!).

Di Di Westcott What else hasn't she told you. Girl.. just go. No ultimatum. Just walk TF away. You will never know the truth or even if they still talk. That is his FRIEND.

Natalie Kratz I don’t give a fuck what he says. That’s not how a husband plays. So do you think if she offered to meet up with him privately, he would refuse? They have now put theirselves in a questionable position. Girls are desperate and will do whatever for attention it’s pathetic. That’s why she didn’t say anything. And him well he married to you not her... I would call her and make her aware that you have read the messages as that is your husband and you do not appreciate it at all. And all discussions since your all “friends” should be on a3 way text... if there is an issue or they continue to talk one in one... obviously there is something private about their relationship. And your not crazy for taking this measure because they made the choice to be disrespectful to you and your marriage. So there ya go! Also does she have a husband or boyfriend? I highly doubt it but if she does I would make him aware of her desperate ways as well...

Heather Mumford You shouldn't have to ask because you shouldn't be put in this situation. While it's fine for men & women to be friends... there's a boundary with an old sex partner. How did they happen to reconnect? And perhaps you aren't as close to her as you think. But broaching the subject with her is a good idea. I know this is hard & you're asking us because you're torn. At this point it's ALL about remembering your self-worth. Taking into consideration how YOU feel when you lay next to this man at night, wondering about this crap with his friend that's now your friend too. Love yourself enough to not let this go & be ok with sweeping it under the rug.

Natasha Melton They both aren't respecting you. He shouldn't have reconnected with someone who he had a sexual past with and she should've told you and not engage in his sexual behavior. She's not a friend and he is a shitty husband.

Deb Duerer This is unacceptable. I would end it with ANY man, husband or boyfriend, if he ever disrespected me this way. She has no respect for your marriage, and HE has no respect for YOU.

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