"My Mask Came Off And I lost Her Forever."

In the beginning I made her feel special, made her feel wanted, made her feel things she’s never felt before. I made her a priority. I talked to her every day. I checked on her often. I told her good morning before checking my phone. I asked how her day went and really listened. I grabbed her favorite snack on my way to her place. I served her breakfast in bed. I told her I loved her on a consistent basis. I did all these great things. And the more I did, the more she did for me.

But then slowly I started to take her for granted. I no longer took the time or made the effort to text or call her. I no longer checked on her, no longer took the time to make sure she’s OK. I no longer was honest with her. I began to hide things from her. I started to talk to other girls, started to like and comment on their half naked photos. I no longer respected her. I no longer cared whether she went to bed sad. I no longer cared.

Yet, she stayed for a while. She stayed because she truly believed that as long as she didn’t give up, as long as she kept trying, as long as she kept fighting, she will eventually feel all those great things again, those things she felt in the beginning, because the person that she was fighting so hard for, the person she fell in love with, will finally see the error of their ways. But it never happened. Because it was never going to happen.

Then one day, she realized this. She realized that in the beginning I was just on my best behavior, I was just pretending to be someone else, I was just wearing a pretty mask. I showed my true colors. I began to realize she knew when she began to say things like, “I just don’t care anymore, I’m tired, do whatever you want.” She got tired of trying to get me to act right, tired of the lies, tired of the same o’crap. She ran out of energy and finally realized that I was all a waste of time.


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