Never Stay In A Bad Relationship, Even When You Think You've Invested Too Much Already

It's sad how so many people stay in horrible relationships simply because they feel they have invested too much already, that no matter how bad they are treated, that no matter how much abuse they take, it could not be as bad as starting over.

When the reality is, in six months time they could be in a much better position with someone who truly has good intentions. Someone who actually cares. Staying and hoping a terrible person will change is rarely ever worth it. You hear people, particularly women, who endured so much pain but fortunately eventually got the courage to leave, and in time they look back and realize how foolish they were, how much time they wasted, how they can now finally breathe.

You never hear a person leave a toxic relationship and later down the line say, "You know, I left a bad relationship years ago but now I'm starting to miss that abusive relationship. I miss getting treated like crap." It does not happen. And don't give me the BS about needing to stay together because of kids.

Fact is, it is much better to be a single parent than to be an abused one, and kids are always better in a single parent household than in a toxic environment. Kids are not stupid, they know when a parent suffers, and that does much harm to them.


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