Never Wait For Anyone Who Is Unsure About You.

NEVER wait for anyone who is unsure about you, for anyone who doesn’t want to commit to you, for anyone who doesn’t know what they want with you.

Because someone who truly wants a future with you, would not risk losing you. They would do things that would make you want to stay, not do things that would make you doubt your decision to stay.

And if they say they still love you, it's a lie. It's a lie because love is not unsure. Love does not hesitate. It is not indecisive. Even if they say they might grow to love and want a future with you, you need to keep in mind that they will more likely grow to leave you when "better" comes along.

Realize and accept that you deserve more than they are willing to provide. Let go and move, so you can give yourself the opportunity to be with someone who doesn't hesitate to be with you, imperfect or flawed as you may be, because they simply can't imagine their life without you.


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