Red Flags That Your Relationship Is Going Nowhere

Of course, the first thing you need to ask yourself is, do you want it to go somewhere, meaning do you want it to get serious? I’m talking real serious, like buying a house together, marriage, or kids. Is one or more of these things something you want with this person? If yes, this likely means you really believe you could be happy long-term with this person, and you’re not with them simply to fill a void in your life.

So, if yes, then it’s time to consider the actual question, which is, how to tell when your partner isn’t interested in a future with you. Some red flags that your partner is not interested in anything long term with you are:

They don't really listen to what you say

Someone who is truly interested in a future with you will be interested in your future. They’ll want to know about your long-term goals, plans, where you see yourself in 5, 10 years. They’ll want to know whether you plan to stay in the city or town you are now. They’ll be asking you these questions, not just because they care about you and are interested in you, but also because they’ll want to know where they could possibly fit in this future of yours. If they don't ever ask these questions, then that means they don't really see themselves in your future.

​The key here, however, is CONSISTENCY. Does your partner still care about what you say in month 3 as they did in the first few weeks? More importantly, are they just as interested after you've had sex for a while as they were in the very beginning before you had sex?

They disappear for days at a time

Unless your partner died, was severely injured, or got abducted by aliens, if they are truly interested in a future with you, they will not disappear on you. If they do, they’re not worried about losing you. And if they really believe you will still be around after pulling a Houdini, they probably don't respect you. If they don't respect you, they will never commit to you. Let them go, don't lower your self-respect.

Frankly, you just got to treat them like an employee. If they go ghost on you for a whole day or longer without good reason, that's a no-call, no-show, b---- you're fired!

Your partner doesn’t include you in future events

A partner who really wants a future with you and not just to keep you around to have access to you, after a few months of being together, they will include you in future events. Buying tickets to a concert or inviting you to a friend's birthday party that takes place months from now is your partner’s way of telling you they enjoy being with you. You can test the waters and ask if they want to go with you to upcoming events. If they can’t commit to something a few months or so out, they probably are not thinking this is going to last. Or, they don’t want to go public and make it more than it is.

And after a year or so of being together, there should be talks of moving in together, kids together, marriage, something that puts you two together 5+ years from now. If they never bring it up or dismiss it every time you do, then they’re likely just with you for convenience and will leave you once someone "better" comes along.

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