Someone Who Loves You Would Not Risk Losing You

Updated: May 17

When someone is not interested in a future with you, there will always be signs that you aren’t the one. It may not be in the first week but within at least a few months, there will be.

The problem for many of you is that you don’t want to listen to them. You ignore them. You ignore them because you don’t want to believe your mind. Why don’t you wanna believe your mind? Because your mind is contradicting your heart. And you want to believe your heart.

You’re so caught up in what you think and hope your life is going to be, so you ignore the red flags. Don’t ignore the red flags. Never ignore the red flags. Many people waste years of their lives with someone who isn't good for them because they weren't listening to their mind.

For them, there were signs in the beginning. Maybe their partner was exhibiting shady phone behavior. Maybe their partner would go MIA at times, desperately trying to get a call or text back. But, rather than accept the truth about their partner, they made excuses for them.

When you can't find someone for long periods of time, it's because that person doesn't want to be found. Red flags, I tell you. Don't do that. Don't be like them. Don't waste a huge chunk of your life chasing an illusion.


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