Staying In A Bad Relationship Just Because You Love Them Is Never Worth It

Staying in a bad relationship just because you love someone is never worth it. Love is not all you need, especially if it's one-sided. You also need a partner who respects you, who is loyal to you, a partner who gives you reassurance. A partner who gives you peace of mind. You need a partner who makes you their priority, not someone who shoves you down on their priority list. Someone who cares about not just your physical health, but also your mental health. Someone who actually cares whether you go to be sad.

To be more accurate, you need a partner who often makes you smile and laugh through texts. Someone who cares how your day went. Someone who wants to talk to you over the phone because they miss hearing your voice. Someone who enjoys holding your hand and cuddling you because they want to feel closer to you. Someone who doesn't exhibit shady behavior because they have nothing to hide and they don't want you to worry. Someone who doesn't try to control you because they trust the decisions you make will never disrespect the relationship. Someone who actually talks about having a future with you, imperfect or flawed as you may be, because they simply can't imagine their life without you.


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