Stop Waiting For Him Or Her To Be Ready

Updated: Apr 13

Don’t wait up any longer. Just Stop. If they wanted to talk to you rather than have you always guessing, they would talk to you. You wouldn’t be sitting around wondering. You would know what’s going on in their life. If they got really busy with work or something else important in their life, they would tell you. They wouldn’t just ignore you.

If they often say that they simply, “forgot” to text or call you, what they really mean is that they didn’t care enough to remember to text or call. When we really like someone, when we really want to have a future with someone, we struggle to forget them. They are on our mind often. So they don’t text or call you for many hours or even days because they don’t want to text or call you.

They treat you as if you’re nothing to them because they don’t care about you. If they are doing things that just push you away, it’s because they don’t see a future with you. They don’t want a future with you. Because they don’t want a future with you, they don’t care about the risk of losing you.

So, just STOP. Don’t be the person who still texts them even when they haven’t replied for hours. Don’t be the person who just sits at home thinking if they are even thinking about you. Don’t be the person who makes themselves available whenever they want to see you. Don’t be the person who makes them their top priority while they treat you like an option.

You DO NOT need someone that doesn’t know what they want, or at least someone who doesn’t want you. You DO NOT need someone who doesn’t see your worth. Stop breaking your heart for someone who just doesn’t care. Because you will never be their priority, you will never have their respect, you will never, ever have their loyalty. Don't be a fool. You deserve much more than just being someone's "Whenever I have time, spare time, or just a good time."


Someone Who Cares

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