Trying To Change Someone In A Relationship

Hi there. What? What’s that you say? You’re pissed off at your partner? You’re getting tired of their crap? You’re trying to change them so that they stop being an ahole or bitch to you? Well, sorry to have to tell you this but you can’t. So, stop it!

If you're in a relationship waiting for your partner to change, then you're gonna be waiting until the stars burn out because you're waiting for something that will never happen. Trying to change someone is a losing battle. You can't change people, not matter how much you try.

The best you can do is set an example and encourage your partner to change in hopes that they change themselves. That's it!

And if by some miracle your partner does change, it will be in ways that you can't control and at their own pace. Most times, the change is so gradual that you will not be satisfied with it. It will just frustrate you more.

If you fell in love with someone who has now changed, then you fell in love with their representative and not the real them. I'm sure you've heard that before, how you meet someone's representative first. Well, that's who you really love. You're in love with someone ... who doesn't even exist.

So, you can either try to appreciate and love your partner as who they really are, or you leave. It's hurts to accept that, but that's reality.

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