When To Post Your Relationship On Social Media

If you just got into another relationship, you should wait a few months before you post your relationship on social media (especially if you have a habit of doing so).

One reason is that you will likely end up looking foolish in the end if the relationship doesn’t work out. After all, most relationship don't work out. Remember, most people are on their best behavior in the early stages of a relationship. There’s a chance that in a few months this person will not really be the good partner you think they are.

And it may not even be about them being a good person. What if you're just incompatible? That's another reason many relationships end. You won't know if you are right for each other until you've been in a relationship for at least a few months.

But that’s just the small reason. The main and biggest reason you should refrain from sharing your relationship so soon is that, if the relationship fails, it will likely have a negative impact on your future relationships or chances at them. How, you ask? Well, just ask yourself: Would you want to date someone who you often see (or hear from others) get into a relationship every few months?

Even worse. Let’s say you decide to get in a relationship with such person. Would you really feel special when this person tells you how happy they are to be in a relationship with you, when they have been in a relationship with someone new so many times in the past?

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