Why A Toxic Person Won't Regret Losing You

Updated: May 17

You often see quotes or hear people say that “They’re going to regret losing you,” or,

“They’re going to miss you and wished they did things differently.” Many times, they do. Many times, that is true.

But if the person you left was toxic, if the person you left would often mistreat you, then the sad truth is that they’re not likely going to miss you. They are not going to realize that what they had was indeed a great loving person. Forget about, “They are going to regret not treating me right,” or “They are going to realize that they really screwed up.” Because it’s a lie. You’re fooling yourself.

It’s a lie because people who are truly selfish, truly self-serving, particularly narcissists, only regret no longer having the opportunity to use you or control you anymore. They don't care that they mistreated you. The relationship was mainly about what you could do for them, how you could make them feel better about themselves. It was one-sided and that’s how they wanted it to be.

So, if your ex was toxic, it shouldn’t matter what they think, because the idea is for them to be out of your life for good. That what they do will no longer affect you. Forget about them. Do better for you, for your future. Don’t do better just to “get back” at someone who probably won’t even remember you 3 months from now.


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