"Why do I feel so lost after a breakup?"

Like most of us after a breakup, you feel lost after a breakup because that person was a huge part of your life. You had grown so used to talking to them, seeing them and being with them certain times every week. You often looked forward to regular activities with them. It all became routine for you. Like I said, they became a huge part of your life.

But now that they’re gone, your schedule is internally all messed up. You feel lost, you feel like something is lacking because of all the gaps that would normally have been filled by your ex. This is why it is highly recommended you become proactive after a breakup by taking up new hobbies, going to the gym, or making new friends to hang out with. It’s perfectly okay to feel sad and upset but don’t let it consume you.

If the person you left wasn’t any good for you, you need to try your best to always remember why the relationship ended. Even when a relationship was bad or toxic, you may feel like you miss the person. But what you really miss is the way things were when things were good.

And sadly, that is because almost every one of us has the tendency to remember the good and block out the bad. But for the sake of your future, you need to remember the whole relationship and the reason(s) why it ended.

Never allow its good, but scarce, memories drag you back into it. Never forget the many painful days of that relationship. Never forget that the same misery awaits you if you should slip back into it. And never forget that you deserve better. Don’t sacrifice your future chasing an illusion.


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