Why Liquor Stores Remain Open During The Coronavirus Pandemic

With almost all states issuing "stay at home" or "shelter in place" orders, only businesses regarded as essential remain open. So, it was surprising for many of us to discover that liquor stores in most states were regarded as such a business.

Below are the top three reasons why I believe liquor stores remain open during the coronavirus pandemic.

Closing liquor stores could send more people to hospitals

Yeah, you read that right. Closing liquor stores could lead to more crowded hospitals. COULD, not would. However, it's still a possibility. This is because a lot of people depend on alcohol to chill and relieve stress, now more than ever (especially to the parents that have had to become full teachers overnight). Alcohol is a depressant after all. If all liquor stores were to be closed, that would lead to few options for alcohol, which could lead to no alcohol for some, which then leads many of those people into withdrawals.

Withdrawals can have some horrible symptoms such as rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure and even hallucinations. When that occurs, then that trip could lead to an actually trip to the hospital. Hospitals are overcrowded already with many of them in short supply of ventilators. Having to accept even more people is not something anyone wants, especially medical staff.

Government likes that cheddah cheese

How does government (local, state, and federal) get its money? Yep, through taxes. Taxes on alcohol brings all those levels of governments much dinero, lots of money. We're talking billions of dollars a year.

Liquor stores fall under the right category

Food and beverage stores are essential businesses, and liquor stores fall into that category, especially since most do sell snacks, non-alcoholic beverages and some even regular food. This category also includes groceries, pharmacies, convenience stores, and other retailers that sell human food, animal or pet food, and beverage products. This is why restaurants with carryout or delivery service are allowed to stay open as well.

So, above are the reasons I believe liquor stores are regarded as essential businesses in most states. Let's just hope we don't get a spike in domestic abuse cases.

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