Why More People Cheat Now Than Ever Before

It is often asked why more people cheat now than ever before? The top answer to that question is probably because of the advent of modern technology (cell phones, internet, etc.). This new technology has given rise to many, many, MANY more opportunities. Yes, that’s right. It’s attributed to technology. Today, you have so many ways you can meet and stay connected with another person: phones, dating apps, social media, all kinds of stuff. Way back then, it was impossible to find and keep a “side piece" because you actually had to go look for them and once you met, it was hard to stay connected.

Coming up with excuses and finding a time and place to meet took a lot of work. Most guys would go to work and come home. So usually, the only people you could cheat on with would have been your coworkers. Once home, you had no line to the outside world. You were in your little bubble. Now you have people meeting who live literally hundreds, even thousands, of miles from each other. All thanks to technology.

Exes too. One reason people cheat with their exes or get back with them so often. Back then, your ex had to literally go to your house or workplace to talk to you, to try and get you back. Now, he or she can send a simple text like, “Babe, I really miss you. I'm sorry. I want you back. Pretty please.” And bam, you guys would be screwing about 20 minutes later. That was impossible back then.

And I say just because a person back then didn’t cheat doesn’t mean he or she wouldn’t have if given the opportunity. Sadly, some people just have a propensity for cheating.

Note, I think a person who doesn't cheat simply because there would be a negative outcome to them is a crappy person as well. For instance, "I don't cheat because my partner will take my kids," or "I don't cheat because I'll get kicked out of the house." If there's a reason other than, "I don't cheat because I respect and love my partner and my relationship," then that’s a crappy person and his or her partner should leave them.


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