You Deserve Someone Who Loves You Just As You Love Them.

Because we can’t control our feelings, we can’t help who we love. But we can and do control our actions. And in the end, it’s our actions that matter.

You can fall madly in love with someone, and if that person later in the relationship stops treating you the way you deserve to be treated, you can still say, “I love this person. But I don’t deserve this. I’m moving on because I deserve someone who loves and cares for me as I do them. I’m not going to allow my emotions to chain me down to a life of misery.”

And yes, it’s going to hurt like hell right after. But I promise you. It may take a long time but eventually the pain will subside. Eventually the person you loved so much is no longer going to be the first thing you think about in the morning, or the last thing you think about at night; and sooner or later, days will go by without you thinking about them at all.

And after you moved on, after all the sleepless nights, after all the tears are gone, you will, in time, fall in love with someone else.