When and Where You Should Have First Date

If you want a good idea of where your new guy's true intentions lie, then the first time you meet should not be at night, in private, or anywhere alcohol is present.


If he wants to see you late at night, in a public place where alcohol is nearby, or in a place where it's just you two, reject the invitation. Reject the invitation and offer to meet in the afternoon where there is no alcohol nearby nor where you guys will be alone. If he takes you up on the offer, then it's a good indication he is actually interested in you and not just your body.


Why? Because he knows the chances of him getting some that day are very low. He knows he's going to have to actually spend time with you, actually talk to you. There's no alcohol. There's no, "Let's go back to my place." It's 2 O'clock. Guys know it's almost impossible to get a girl you just met in bed at 2 freaking O'clock. Most guys who are just looking for sex will be like, "Nah [insert lame excuse], so let's meet up at night or at a bar."


It doesn't weed out all the guys who aren't looking for anything serious, but it surely helps.

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