Why You Miss Your Toxic Ex

Are you missing your ex who was toxic? Who treated you like crap in the end? If so, ask yourself: What exactly are you missing?


If what you're missing are things that they did and in the end just stopped doing (for example, they were once affectionate and caring), then you don't really miss the actual person. You don't really miss your ex. What you really miss is someone who they once pretended to be.

Good memories are what trigger these feelings you have. Memories that were created during the time when your ex was treating you right, when your ex was affectionate and caring. So, if your ex turned out to be someone completely different in the end, then the person you're missing isn't real. You're missing someone who does not even exist. 


If your past relationship turned out to be toxic, don’t allow its good, but scarce, memories drag you back into it. Don't forget the many painful days of that relationship. Don't forget the many tears you shed for it. Don't forget that the same misery awaits you if you should slip back into it.

And NEVER forget that you deserve better. Don’t sacrifice your future chasing an illusion.

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