Why You Shouldn't Post Your New Relationship On Social Media

For most people, being in a new relationship is an exciting time. Having something new that you like is exciting.


So for many of you who are in a new relationship, you naturally like your new partner ... a lot. You want to do and experience many things with your partner. You want others to know about your new partner. You might even want to share your new relationship on social media.


I get it, it's natural to want that. However, when it comes to social media, just like when it comes to family, you should wait a while before introducing your new partner. This is especially true if you already have a habit of doing so.

You should wait because you might end up looking foolish in the end if your relationship doesn't work out. I'm not saying it will, but I mean, after all, most relationships just don't work out. Right?


One of the main reasons relationships don't work out is because many people tend to reveal their true colors after being on their best behavior in the first few months of the relationship. They lie about who they really are. And once they believe they have you, they stop acting right.


I'm sure you've heard the saying that you're just dating or "meeting someone's representative in the beginning." You don't know the real person until much later in the relationship.


Of course, that's not the only reason your relationship might not work out. What if you're just incompatible? What if a shitty ex is still in the picture who's going to cause a lot of problems and you don't know about this person yet? What if your new partner has deal breaking skeletons in the closet? What if ... you get the point. You just won't know until you've been together at least several months.

Another reason you should wait before sharing your new relationship on social media is because, if the relationship fails, it could hurt your future chances of finding a good and compatible partner and your relationship succeeding.


Let me explain. If you have habit of sharing all your new partners on social media and the relationships tend to not last long, regardless of the reason, many people will not take you seriously because they will see that you just jump from one relationship to the next, that maybe something is wrong with you. Or at least your choices. That just looks bad.


Worse is that a new partner will never truly feel special when they already have seen you express how happy you are in basically every relationship you've been in.

So, wait a while before you share your new relationship on social media. Now, that doesn't mean you need to completely hide your new partner. You can post pics of you guys together. But I recommend sticking to pics that look as if you guys are good friends, rather than lovers.


If someone asks who that new person is, tell them you're dating and enjoying each other's company. No need to put "in a relationship" or pics and posts that scream, "OMG, I love this person!!" Save that for much later.

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